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Naples, Fl - February 28, 2013 -- EquityBuild is proud to announce that it has been selected to appear on the "Moving America Forward" National Television Show hosted by William Shatner. The show will air in late March or early April 2013. The exact date hasn't been determined. The show features innovative entrepreneurs that have distinguished themselves in their industry and, as a result, are "Moving America Forward".


 EquityBuild's principals - Jerry Cohen, President EquityBuild Inc. and Shaun Cohen, President EquityBuild Finance - were interviewed at the Los Angeles "Moving America Forward" news studio by William Shatter and Doug Llewellyn. 

The EquityBuild team was presented the prestigious “Moving America Forward” Award by Retired Rear Admiral Kevin F. Delaney.

"Being selected for "Moving America Forward" is a great honor," Said Jerry Cohen of EB.

Cohen went on to say, " Their [MAF] research department finds potential candidates, and after preliminary due diligence, the company is contacted and asked to submit materials and participate in a series of interviews with different members of their news team to determine if they feel the company is the right candidate invited to be featured on Moving America Forward."About EquityBuild

EquityBuild is an experienced, full-service real estate investment company. Everything from finding high yield investment properties, to property management, to providing sound investment advice.
Their system is designed to match investors with good credit and modest liquidity with quality real estate investment opportunities.

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About EquityBuild Finance

EquityBuild Finance is an experienced private mortgage note investment company. EBF specializes in facilitating investors with liquidity, to invest in real-estate, achieve high yield returns, without the hassle of being a landlord.

EquityBuild Finance invests in private mortgages for one reason...
The advantages of private mortgages far outweigh paper investments.

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Giving Back to Chicago Community; Turn-Key Real Estate Investment Leader Donates Home to 501c3 Charity, Saving Jobs for 25 Families While Providing Summer Camp and Job Training at Rehab Project,
All Funds from Sold Property Will Be Donated to Feed the Poor Chicago, IL, December 24, 2014 -- EquityBuild, Inc. announces the donation of a house today in Chicago's West Pullman neighborhood to Another Chance Baptist Church as part of its community relations program and commitment to giving back. EquityBuild, Inc. is proud to support Another Chance Baptist Church to help address chronic inner city unemployment while providing job training in Chicago. Another Chance will employee local unemployed tradesmen for the rehab of this home and also use the project to train workers. Funds from the sale of the rehab property will go to feed the poor.

Jerry Cohen, EquityBuild, Inc. Founder and CEO, says, "We are excited and honored to support Another Chance Baptist Church by donating this house. Chicago is a market that EquityBuild has worked extensively in for over five years and we are happy to give back to the community. This is something that is incredibly important to our investors and entire team. Taking action and looking at ways to help one another is the essence of the Holidays."

Jerry Cohen continues, "EquityBuild brings unparalleled investment opportunities and affordable housing solutions to the Chicago real estate market. This donation is an extension of a companywide philosophy of giving back and supporting the communities in which we operate."

Pastor Kenyatta Smith of Another Chance Baptist Church states, "We thank Mr. Cohen and the EquityBuild family for supporting our efforts by donating this property, it will help us further our work in the community, as well as help keep over 25 families employed this Christmas."

The EquityBuild turn-key model identifies local distressed properties and then combines real estate expertise to facilitate neighborhood investment and revitalization for owners, investors and tenants.

"Championing a free market solution to help address inner city unemployment, support job training, and build Chicago's communities is a core value of EquityBuild both on a professional and personal level for all of us," says EquityBuild Finance's President Shaun Cohen. "We firmly believe the private sector provides the most reliable road to an enduring U.S. economic recovery. EquityBuild meets these economic and social challenges by sparking new pockets of prosperity through real estate investment and expertise which also alters urban blight and empowers people."

Pastor Smith continues, "We are most appreciative for this property, it's a "right on time blessing" as we prepare for our fundraising campaign to help renovate our new building that was donated with help from the City of Chicago. In our new community center we will continue to build and expand our workforce development program and our free summer camp, as well as house our school." Pastor Smith summarizes by explaining, "This new community center will allow us to serve thousands instead of hundreds! "

EquityBuild's philosophy is to educate and empower our clients to build wealth through real estate with our low risk, high return turn-key model. At the same time, we provide a unique opportunity for investors to make maximum profit while also doing tangible social good, by offering comfortable homes and offices in areas often neglected. We call it Rebuilding America. Time after time, when EquityBuild comes into a neighborhood, residents start taking greater pride in and greater care of where they live. EquityBuild investors do well by doing good.

About EquityBuild:

EquityBuild, Inc. is the leader in turn-key real estate investing. The EquityBuild family of companies provides individuals and institutions multiple paths toward enduring wealth and financial security. EquityBuild direct investments provide upfront cash flow and consistent double-digit returns. EquityBuild's real estate investing expertise reduces risk, saves time and maximizes capital. The EquityBuild econometric model enables investors to make maximum profit while also doing tangible social good by offering comfortable homes and offices in economically challenged areas.

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About Another Chance Baptist Church of Chicago:

Another Chance Baptist Church of Chicago is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Another Chance Baptist Church of Chicago, is a new community of believers emerging in the Englewood area of Chicago, IL. Another Chance represents God ‘s grace and mercy, we are all ex-something, but God has given us Another Chance! In a city like Chicago, Another Chance brings hope to those who feel like they are not worthy of God's relationship. Another Chance's strategy is to be One Church in many locations impacting the domains of society. Kenyatta Smith is the Pastor of Another Chance Baptist Church of Chicago and serves with his wife Tabithia.

       "EquityBuild Finance President Shaun Cohen was recently asked to appear on Dallas' mega-station KFXR 1090 to talk about the current real estate market and how EquityBuild's clients are collecting double digit returns partnering with his firm.

In this taped session, you can hear Shaun explain how EquityBuild and EquityBuild Finance profits by acquiring and rehabilitating residential and small commercial properties in cities across the country. Since 2005, EquityBuild has successfully closed more than 500 transactions in cities such as Chicago and Houston. Willie Lambright, who hosts the Willie Lambright show on KFXR, walks Shaun's listeners through the process and what makes EquityBuild so successful.